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Can I see the complete lifecycle of any project executed on Wordbee?


Can we see the complete lifecycle of any project executed on Wordbee (date, time, client, word count…)?


Every time you create a project, the system automatically saves and stores the information you provided and make it available in the projects section. During the translation process and the project lifecycle, the system automatically saves and updates all translation data in the project memory.

Users can access all project- and translation-related information (communications, logs, date and time of updates, client, word count information, etc.) at any time. For example, you can view the logs of all communications in the project and jobs communication modules. You can also customize the dashboards to add columns and filter information. On top of that, the system can use the available data to generate reports and analytics on your translation business, including job performance, workload per client, per language and much more.

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