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What is a Standard Project?

In Wordbee Translator, you have the option to create a Standard or a CoDyt project. A Standard (or Classic) Project offers less automation than a CoDyt project and is more generally used for one-time translations.

Standard projects are a good choice when you have one source language and one or more target languages, but do not require the process to be completely automated.

What is the Difference? 

Standard projects have limited automation whereas CoDyt projects completely automate workflow, costing, etc. With CoDyt, you will configure templates that are used by the system to create projects, create jobs, perform word counts, generate invoices, assign work, and so on. Standard projects have less automation than CoDyt projects. 

Standard projects are suitable interpretation work and other scenarios where documents do not have to be uploaded to the system or translation might not be involved. These projects also work better for jobs consisting of multiple documents, which are not suitable for CoDyt projects. 

CoDyt projects are completely automated from order submission to delivery and are better for multi-directional projects. However, these projects require at least one document, and the configuration is completed upfront for an automated workflow. CoDyt projects can only be set up for translations with a document.

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How to create a Standard project

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