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Supplier costs in Standard projects

When a pricelist has been configured in the system for a supplier, it makes it possible for Wordbee to automatically generate a quote or invoice based off of the entered prices, discounts, pre-translations, and the document word count.

Before a quote or invoice can be generated, you will need to set up a pricelist for the supplier and enter the cost for each task they are able to complete. More information can be found on the Supplier Pricing page in this section of the documentation.

After this has been completed, the system will be able to generate any needed quotes or invoices for your projects. Please note that invoices are typically created at the project level and can then be compiled together to create a unique invoice such as monthly or quarterly.

For invoices, it is also best to create the invoice after the work has been completed so that the pricing information is correct. This is especially true if discounts are to be applied for fuzzy matches and pre-translations in the source file.

Prerequisite tasks for generating supplier quotes and invoices

To generate a proper quote or invoice for a Standard Project, the following steps should be performed first in the system: 

  • A project must exist in the system.
  • At least 1 document should be uploaded.
  • The document must be marked for online or manual translation.
  • A word count has been performed.

To view the current quotes and invoices for a standard project, first select the project within Wordbee Translator (Projects > Select). Then click on the Cost Tab.

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