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Can several vendors work collaboratively on the same document?


Can I share the translation workload of a file between several translators?


Yes, it is possible for users to work collaboratively on the same file and for managers to organize collaborative work between different translators.

From the management perspective, project managers can split the translation workload of a file in different jobs, so that one translator does not have too much text to work on before the deadline. You can split and select the exact scope of each job in the job management window.
A crowdsourcing assignment option allows any user with access to the task to work on the file. It can be a good option if invoicing is not relevant to you.

Job management window

From the translation perspective, the translation editor allows different users to work concurrently, collaborate and communicate on the same document. The editor saves and automatically updates the document each time a segment is edited. Translators/Reviewers can use the Timeline widget to add comments and exchange with other translators working on the same document. If different users are working on the same sections of text, it is recommended to use segment status and bookmarks to indicate the translation status. User should also refresh the segments to have up-to-date translation information. Thanks to the project memory and auto propagation, translators can benefit in real-time from other users' contributions on the same document.

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