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Comment Categories

Comments categories may be used to categorize comments, questions, etc. left on segments when working on a document within the Translation Editor. The comments categories may be configured be a specific color and style.

These settings are used to represent a category for grouping comments left by users (translator, revisor, etc.). Categories may be configured to consist of a unique name, color, and style in the system. 

The following pages have been provided to help you configure and use comments categories within Wordbee Translator: 

A Couple of Examples

Categories could be created for questions to the project manager and comments to the revisor. The manager or revisor can then filter comments by these criteria to easily view the ones that pertain to them in the Translation Editor for a document. This eliminates the need to go through every comment and question to find the ones they need to address.

Comments categories may also be used by agencies to set up and propose multiple propositions. The cient will then be able to view the job and propositions within the client portal to make a selection that best suits their needs. 

How to Access these Settings

These settings can be accessed by clicking on Settings in the top toolbar and then scrolling down to the General Settings section. Click on Configure to the right of the Comments Categories option.

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