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External logins

This tab is only available if you are logged in as an administrator.
It shows you the list of clients, suppliers or workers to whom you have given or to whom you want to give a login to work on Wordbee Translator.

The table below shows you the different roles you can give to your different clients or suppliers:







External client

External Clients are your typical clients who



submit translation requests, communicate



with your teams, and download deliverables;



all of this is done online via your workspace



(the client portal).





External worker

External Workers can carry out translation,



revision, or proofreading tasks. They may be



freelance translators, agencies, or any other



physical individuals providing their services.





External worker

Contrary to the default external worker, this



profile gives a very limited view of



information. Users exclusively see jobs



assigned to them by the manager. They



cannot change job status, communicate with



client, see cost information or other team









The External Manager is especially useful if



more than one login was given to an



external company: The manager can assign



jobs to individual team members and edit



their names, details and logins.





You can have access to this table in Wordbee:

  • Select a client.
  • Click on the People and logins tab.
  • Select the person you want.
  • Click on the question mark as shown below:

To give login credentials to a client or a supplier, see: Clients logins  and
Suppliers logins See page 170.

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