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How can I create Master Memories?


I would like to have all translations for one client in one memory - how can I create a Master Memory for every client?


Any existing TM can become a master memory.

To create a Master Memory:

  • Select a TM of one client.

  • Rename it, if necessary (master memory), and add all new project memories to it so it grows.

To create an empty memory:

  • Go to Resources and click on Add new.

  • Create a new empty database.

  • Click on Assigned to: All clients (blue box on the right side).

  • Now you can set to whom of your clients the memory will be assigned to.

  • You can now consolidate project memories to this database for this specific client.

  • When a project for this client is completed go to Resources – and click on "copy contents to master memory". Note that this operation can be automated in the workflow settings.

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