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How can I share word count information with suppliers?


How can I send or share the word count information with suppliers? Alternatively, how can suppliers view word counts of jobs/projects?


There are several ways, either for suppliers to view or for project managers to share word counts information.

First, translators/reviewers can see in their Jobs dashboard the word count for each job.

To share documents with suppliers, you can upload them in the job attachments or in the reference materials folders. When supplier click Status next to the assignment, they will be able to download the file containing the word count.

Also, note that suppliers can download the same document themselves. By using the Action button at the top of their job dashboards, they can select several jobs and view totals or export the word counts to Excel.

You can also communicate the word counts information via email. You can customize the content of job notifications to include word counts by means of placeholders. See Customize email notifications.

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