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How to align documents

If you are a new client, it is possible that you have existing memories that need to be imported for reuse. Existing documents (source and translated) can also be used to generate a Translation Memory (TM). To do this, an outside tool is necessary to align the documents and create a memory from them.

What is Alignment? 

This is the process of aligning two documents to extract the translation and obtain a usable Translation Memory. This involves aligning the source document and the translated document to identify and display pairs between the documents.

It typically involves using a software tool to perform the alignment and then having the results checked by a human to correct any misalignments. Once this is done, the software will generate a Translation Memory that contains the aligned segment pairs.

How to align two documents?

Wordbee Translator does not provide an alignment feature, but there are many free tools you can use to do so. Once the alignment has been performed and a translation memory is available, you can import it into the system for use with translation projects. 

Find listed below some tools that allow free document alignment:

After you have aligned the required documents, see Importing Translation Memories to learn how to add the generated TM to Wordbee Translator.

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