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Linguistic Resource Management

In Wordbee Translator you can create translation memories and terminology databases interactively while you work with the system or import existing databases that you can attach to your projects. You can also import legacy databases that you may have created in other CAT tools and reuse them in Wordbee Translator.

After at least one translation memory and terminology database has been imported or created in the system, you will be able to group these resources for automatic assignment on client submitted orders and for use with new or existing projects. 


Managers can now closely monitor the quality of their resources (translation memories, project memories and terminology databases) and track the work of the linguists with the help of the Maintenance and Statistics Dashboard. See this article for more details: Monitor the quality of your Resources with the Maintenance and Statistics dashboard

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To learn how to view and edit the default settings of your resources, check this section:

Translation memory settings

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