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Microsoft Hub - Use Your Trained System

Microsoft Cognitive Services provide out-of-the-box and trainable machine translation.

The basic idea is that you build and then train your private systems with your translated documents or translation memories. Over time, your machine translations will improve and match your terminology and phrasing.

Enable Microsoft MT

Go to Settings > Machine Translation and open the Microsoft (v3) configuration.

Wordbee Translator supports the MT connector for Microsoft v3.

The new version implements better error handling and enhances resilience in high-throughput scenarios.

To get started, you need to create Microsoft Cognitive Services Translate projects, one for each language combination you want to train. Each project is assigned a "Category ID" that you must enter in the Edit/Add a Microsoft Hub Project configuration window.

Check with Microsoft, but the policy is that if you train the system with a set of quality approved words, you get the same amount of words translated for free. A win-win proposition.

More information to get started: Microsoft Cognitive Services

Microsoft Neural Machine Translation (NEW)

Microsoft has implemented a Neural Machine translation system. Use any of the following pre-defined category IDs:

  • tech

  • speech

  • general

Please review the most recent Microsoft documentation on this topic.

The categories are explained here:

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