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Invoice production tools

Preparing & Distributing Supplier Invoices

When more than one invoice exists for a company, either supplier or client, these single invoices can be combined (aggregated) in the system to form one single invoice file. This makes it easier to complete the approval and distribution steps as the invoices can be sent as one document and on a predefined timeline such as quarterly or monthly.

Minimal pre-requisites

The following settings need to be enabled in your system to be able to use the invoice production tools:

  • Auto-assign client invoice number/date upon status change
  • Auto-assign supplier invoice number/date upon status change
  • Default status of new invoices/quotes
  • Synchronize order and client invoice/quote status
  • Synchronize job and invoice/quote status

Aggregation steps

To prepare and distribute supplier invoices, you must complete the following three steps:

  • Step 1: Aggregate the Invoices
  • Step 2: Approve the Invoices
  • Step 3: Distribute the Invoices

Learn about these steps for supplier and client companies in the sections below:

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