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Managing Clients

Managing Clients

A client is a person for whom you work. This could be a company that you are working for or an internal department which needs documents or other items to be translated, revised, proofread, and so on.

With Wordbee Translator, you are able to build a client list and manage each client in the system. This includes entering all the usual information: addresses, emails, phone numbers, etc. A client in the system may also have an associated price list.

To learn about adding a client and configuring them in the system, please see the following pages: 

Benefits of the Client Feature

In Wordbee Translator, you are able to create a client in the system for each individual, agency or corporation. Creating a client in the system makes it easier to complete jobs for them, cost work, track progress, etc.

You can even assign logins for accessing the client portal. This allows the internal or external client to manage their team, access project documents, and communicate effectively about tasks.

When a client is added to the system, you are able to manage and track rates, discounts, documents, and other information easily. For example, you might provide translation services to an external client and the client feature may be used to: 

  • Enter Basic Contact Information

  • Set Discounts

  • Enter Pricing for Services

  • Auto-Calculate Costs

  • Track Job Progress & Performance

  • Manage Client System Logins

  • Manage Client Reference Material

How to Access Clients in the system

To access the client management screen, click on Clients in the toolbar and the screen will appear as shown below: 

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