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Notification events

In My Account > Notifications, you can customize the events for which you want to receive an email notification.


The list presented for each user is ruled by the access rights. As a result, different user profiles will have more or less items or greyed out options, depending on their profile configurations. Learn more about access rights in the Settings.

Manage notifications for yourself or other users

Each user profile has their own set of notifications, which can be individually configured to suit their needs. Depending on access rights, users will also be able to configure or preset the notifications for other users in the system (which could be handy when on-boarding a new client or supplier in the platform, so that they receive the relevant information on their mail boxes). Moreover, you can avoid sending some notifications if you know users are actively working in the Wordbee Translator platform.


Global notifications such as Editor notifications and Job-notifications, will always be sent to the users involved.

Event types and categories

Below you can find an example of the notifications available for internal users divided in three categories: Orders, Jobs and Notes. When you Edit the notifications panel of a user, each category will display the full list of events. Administrator users will be able to customize the text for each of these events in the General Settings of the platform, to learn more see Email Notifications.

Subscriber option

Per each category, notifications can be personalized at Personal level, but also at Company or Platform level if your access right enables you to.

Event types


Events triggered or involving the current user


Allows following-up the activity of your own company/team. 


Allows following-up the activity of the whole platform (for all companies).

The system can let as a matter of fact let you subscribe to orders or jobs handled by other users within the same company or from all companies of the platform and subscribe to the events for which you want to be notified. This option shows only if the section "Company" or "Platform" is ticked.

Event Categories

Notify Orders

Includes all events triggered when a request is launched using the Order Form. Each of the events listed below has a specific column depending on three cases: if orders are (1) submitted by the user, (2) managed by the user or (3) managed by others.

Event type
  Notify new order/request
  Notify proposal to client
  Notify proposal accepted by client
  Notify work in progress
  Notify work delivery to client
  Notify approval of results by client
  Notify client reopens completed order
  Notify order closed
  Notify cancellation
  Notify text message by client
  Notify text message by supplier
  Notify delivery of files to order

Notify Jobs

Includes all events triggered when workflows are triggered within a project. Each of the events listed below has a specific column depending on three cases: if jobs are (1) assigned to the user, (2) managed by the user or (3) managed by others.

Event type
Notify newly created draft job
Notify new assignment to user
 Notify new assignment to company
 Notify new job opening
 Notify upcoming job opening
 Notify new crowd work request
 Notify all suppliers decline job opening/crowd work or none selected
 Notify when supplier accepts job
 Notify when supplier declines job
 Notify job revocation from supplier company
 Notify unassignment of worker at supplier
 Notify when jobs become inactive
 Notify when work is ready to be started
 Notify when work is in progress
 Notify job completion
 Notify approval of completed job
 Notify that job has been closed
 Notify job cancellation
 Notify text message of client
 Notify text message of supplier
 Notify when work is sent back to previous worker
 Notify deadline changes
 Notify cost changes

Notify notes

This section relates to the Postit elements available next to each user or company profile (on the top right corner of the screen). If empty, the Post-it is gray-colored.

Backup email

In Edit mode, you also have the possibility to add a backup email in case you want to also send the notification for such events to a secondary email address.

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