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Project Management

Project Management allows you to manage translation projects from the time of request to the time of delivery. Orders may be placed internally for a client, or externally by the client himself using the client portal

Once the order is received, the project may either be created automatically (CoDyt) or manually (Standard) in the system and tracked accordingly. It offers several features including:

  • Online project database and document library.
  • Automated workflows.
  • Word-counting & pre-translation of texts.
  • Automatic cost calculation and quote/invoice creation.
  • Task allocation and lifecycle Management.
  • Support for multiple source/target languages.
  • Linguistic resources per project.
  • Customized translation domains.
  • Automatic email notifications.
  • Features for tracking work progress, giving managers maximum tranparency.

Benefits of Project Management

The project management feature offers the ability to centralize all projects information, resulting in an increased management productivity. All actions are performed on a cloud-based system where everybody involved in a project can easily collaborate and interact. 

With project management, you are able to save time by: 

  • Using automated workflows
  • Easily locating and managing individual projects in the system.
  • Tracking work in progress.
  • Tracking feedback from clients and suppliers.
  • Delivering completed translations via the client portal (no more emails).
  • Gaining complete interaction on one centralized platform. 
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