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Project Requirements

When you define a new project, some requirements must be applied as Wordbee Translator must already know some information in order to proceed.

Let us imagine the whole process shown in the following diagram:

  • As a first step, you need to know the client's name and email address. If you want to give him/her a login, see: Clients logins. The client registers its own information when he/she creates an internal or external order (see: What is an order?). You may also define it in the Clients section and then register the information (see: Clients) or you may define client data while you are establishing the project definition.
  • You also need to create a list of suppliers (see: Suppliers). Your suppliers also need login credentials with a password so they can work directly on the Wordbee Translator interface without any need to install software on their computers.
  • If you are a corporation or a translation agency, you will need to manage your projects. To do so, you have to define the project managers. You can also create your team of in-house translators (see: My company).
  • Create or upload all the linguistic resources you need for your projects (see: Linguistic resources).
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