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Adding Clients

If you have to add a new client for any reason, you must first define all the client's data on the New client page.

Clients must have an associated price list, and they may also log on to the system if you decide to give them that privilege. Documents will be associated with them if they have ordered previous translations (see: What is an order? and How do external clients create orders?) and they may also have associated invoices.

If you have already done paid work for them.

To define a new client, follow these steps:

Point at the Clients' arrow and select New client from the list or click on New client on the Clients main page.

  • Fill-in the fields. Only the fields with an asterisk are mandatory.
  • Select the Type of client from the pull-down list.
  • Indicate whether or not this client will have the right to log on by marking the Create a log in for this company checkbox (you can always change this status afterwards).
  • If you want the client to be able to log on, you must also provide the following fields:

User last name, User first name, User email, Login, Password, Retype password to confirm, and select the User profile from among the following: External client, External worker , or External client & worker.

  • Click on Save.

External companies can only see the jobs you assign to them. They do not have access to any other information. This includes internal comments.

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