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Report S711 - Document translations, revisions and comments for all language versions

This report is useful for managers who want to capture the activity in the workflow during or at the end of the project. It shows in-depth information about the translations, revisions, and comments performed either within a project or a job for all language versions on both source and target.


The report has been recently improved to reflect the activities related only to the language pair selected by the user. This is particularly useful in back-translation workflows where a file can be processed for several target languages.

The template has also become filterable. The segment versions and comments for both source and target are listed in chronological order, with the most recent ones on top.

Template and Placeholders

This report shares the same template structure and placeholders as Report S710 - Document translations, revisions and comments. However, there is a slight difference in the way placeholders are used. Report S711 includes placeholders for both source and target locales.

Segments properties

Placeholder Name



The source locale abbreviated with the version for example: "fr (V2)" 


The target locale abbreviated with the verison for example: "en-US (V2)" 

__Revisions__  and __SRevisions__  named ranges will show not only the revisions done in the current document but also the revisions are done in all its previous versions for both source and target languages.

The report contains the column “Version“ for both source and target, which demonstrates the name of the language abbreviated along with the version.

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