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The Columns

The columns

In the editor, the segments will always be displayed in columns, which you can hide or display to your own needs. 

Column (re)order:

 Next to the statistics icon and by default, you will have the following column sequence:

  • the first column to be displayed will be the source text, which is marked with a dot.


Next to it you will always have a hint of the status of the target language (which can be OK-green-

, PROBLEM-red-
or NEUTRAL-gray-

Then other columns will follow:

  • The second column will usually be the target text you will be working on and
  • other additional columns may be loaded, depending on your predefined layout. For instance:
    • other existing target languages (translation layout) or
    • the revisions column (revisions layout).

Column management

Always keep in mind that you can decide:

  • which columns you want to have directly available or
  • reorganize the columns to suit your needs and move them right or left.

You can do this in several ways:

One-by-one (column options)

one-by-ona and All at once (column manager)


on the top right icon of each of them (at header level)

available under the top right corner of the working space

Options available:

  • Remove column
  • Move left/right 
  • Change language

Options available:

  • add language column (rolldown menu)
  • column manager with all possible options available


    + Drag and drop to set in a specific order

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