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The Find a Translation Panel_ Global Search Tool

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The purpose of this panel is to do a quick search and review of translated words/ segments found in projects and linguistic resources (translation memories...)

To find a translated segment, follow these steps:

  • In the Find a translation panel, type the text you are searching in the Type text to translate here field.
  • Select where to run the search by ticking the check box for either Memories, Terminology, or Projects (or the three of them).
  • Select the source and target languages from the In and To lists.
  • Click on Translate. The Wordbee Search page opens with the results.

Note: You can also click on Translate with Google. It will directly translate the word or sentence you have written in the Type text to translate here field using Google Translate.

Once your search results have been displayed, you can complete the following actions with the list of translated segments:

  • HomeCloses the Wordbee Search page and goes back to the main page. 

  • ExportExports search results to Excel. 
      Use the individual checkbox to mark specific search results for export. 

  • ResetOpens a new Wordbee Search page. 

  • Click on the left side of the segmentChange the status between white, green, or red. Used as a visual indicator and to filter results even more.

    More OptionsShows filtering options. Click again to hide the filtering options (see: Filtering your search 

  • InChange the source language. Click on Translate to refresh results.
  • OutChange target language(s). Click on Translate to refresh results.

  • Memories, Terminology, ProjectsSelect where you are going to do the search by ticking the respective check box. Click on Translate to refresh the results.

  • BookmarksTo navigate through the search results quickly and filter the list even more. You can use red or blue bookmarks (see: Other icons and Filtering your Search). 

  • CommentsAdd/delete a comment for a specific segment. This icon changes to orange when a comment is added. You can also use comments to filter results (see: Other icons  and Filtering your Search). 

  • ConstraintRestricts the size of a segment to a certain limit in pixels. 

  • View/Edit Segment - View segment in popover window and make desired edits. 
  •  - It opens a pop
     up window with historical information about the segment. You can use the following buttons in this window.  

    • HistoryWho did what and when.
    • PropertiesSummary of where this translation comes from.
    • ResourceInformation on the resource that was used.
    • View/Edit CommentsSee Comments.
      : Opens the Wordbee Translation Interface with the document that contains the segment (see: The Wordbee Translation Interface).

  • Click to add a label (see: What is a label?).

If a team member sees a translation that may require improvement, he/she can send some suggestions to the team manage. But, you have to specify the e-mail to which the members have to send the e-mails. To do so, go to Settings- General settings -Global search -section "Welcome message" (available for the Administrator).

In this section you can find:

Filtering Your Search

Once your search results are displayed, you can filter the list of the translated segments.
To filter your results, follow these steps:

  • Open the filter options by clicking on More options or by double clicking on the gray bar at the farthest left of the page. You can hide these options by clicking on More options once again or by double clicking on the gray bar.

  • Select the filter to use: Status, bookmark, comment, translator, and time lapse.

  • Click on Translate to apply the filter.

  • You can report an incorrect translation by clicking on this flag:
  • To export the segment selected, tick the checkbox at the right of the page:

Adding, Editing or Deleting Search Languages

You will notice that some of the languages on the list may or may not correspond to your needs.
To add, edit, or delete some languages included in the In and To lists, follow these steps:

  • Leave the Wordbee search page by clicking on Home.
  • Click on Settings situated on the menu bar.
  • Select Customization.
  • In the General settings sub-menu, find Global Search.
  • Click on Configure.

  • Click on Edit. Every customizable functionality is explained on the right side of the screen.

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