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Timeline Widget

The Timeline allows you to see or leave comments with regard to the document, or a segment in particular. This section of the Editor is where you will be able to exchange with the different people involved in the translation project.

The Timeline provides the history of all communications at the segment- or document-level. It also includes the history of all changes made to each segment of the document. You can use the Timeline to view the revisions made by different users.

If you are working with a second screen, you can detach this widget to display it in a separate window.

Learn below how to use the functionalities of the Timeline widget.

Leave a comment

To leave a comment for a specific segment, enter it and click on the comment icon. This will open the Timeline and you will be ready to type in your comment.

On the other hand, if you wish to leave a comment for the document in general you need to select the Document option in the drop-down menu.

Notify by e-mail

When leaving a comment, you can select the Notify by e-mail option to send an email notification to a project's stakeholder. To send a notification, you need to click the option opposite.

When sending the comment, a window will open, allowing you to select the recipients of the notification and to write a custom message that should be sent along with your comment. This message is optional, the email notification will already include the content of your comment.

Once you click Notify, the notified user will receive an email notification with your message and a link to open the Editor where you left a comment.

Select a comment category

When leaving a comment, you can also select a comment category and link it to your comment. This provides additional information to your comment and makes it easier for the project's stakeholders to see what might be the subject or the status of your message.

Note that comment categories can be customized in the system settings.

Once a comment is sent, you can modify it by hovering the comment and clicking on the edit icon.

You can edit the text, change the category, and click the save icon.

See segment revisions

See all previous versions from a segment and retrieve the one that suits you most, if you think the current translation can be rejected.

Search for a comment

You also have the possibility to search specific comments and filter results by keywords, task, category, and languages

It is worth checking the Document section when opening the Editor for the first time as users might have left general information or instructions on the document.

 Detach widget in a separate window

You can click the option opposite to detach the widget and display the Timeline in a separate window.

This allows you to reorganize the widget size and allocate more space to comments and revisions.

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