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User Ratings

User ratings provide clients, suppliers, and inhouse staff (managers, translators, revisors, proofreaders, etc.) the ability to rate different aspects of a project, such as the overal quality of the work done, quality of the translation, timelessness, friendliness etc.

For example, when a client receives the finished documents, they have the option to rate the completed work. The system then remembers this information and displays the rating so you can improve the client's experience by making better selections on future projects.

This information may be used to choose a supplier, to meet the client's needs, and increase the quality of the work done on future projects. No one is required to give a rating even when configured, it is an optional item when viewing the project in the system. By default, it is enabled for providing an overall rating, but the categories to be rated can be changed or the setting may be completely disabled. 

How-to access the Settings

To access these settings, first click on Settings in the top toolbar and then scroll down to the General Settings section. Click on Configure to the right of the User Ratings option. 

User ratings may be used to give a supplier feedback, gain client feedback about the project, allow the translator to rate complexity, or even for revisors to rate translators. Once the rating criteria has been configured in the User Ratings Settings, a rating field will appear on the project consisting of 5 stars. 

Learn more

Learn how to configure the user ratings and how they are used in the system.

Please note that user ratings are not mandatory. Clients, suppliers, and inhouse staff do not have to rate this information in the system. It is best to simply mention to clients and suppliers that you have provided the option to rate provided orders and completed work in the system.

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