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What is Global Search?

Global Search is a powerful, user-friendly tool offered by Wordbee Translator to locate specific words, segments, or portions of a sentence within project translations, translation memories, and glossaries in the system. The feature makes it easy to: 

  • Locate Information In Multiple Resources

  • Quickly Replace Words or Segments in Multiple Resources

  • Bookmark Items To Reference Later

  • Make Corrections Across Translations

  • Add Labels, etc. 

Besides offering an easy way to locate this information in multiple resources, Global Search also offers the ability to quickly replace a word or segment in multiple resources and to bookmark these items for future reference. It provides a time-saving way to make changes with ease regardless of where they are located in the system.

For example, if you have a word or segment that has been translated wrong, Global Search may be used to locate this information across all projects and resources. It may then be used to quickly correct the translation without having to access each individual resource or translation in the system.

This feature may be accessed by clicking on My Company in the toolbar and then clicking on Global Search.

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How to use Global Search
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