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Add CMS Project

In order to translate a CMS you need to create one or multiple Beebox projects. Your CMS will "talk" to this project: It sends translated content to the project and ultimately receives translations back. Compare project types.

To create a project:

  • Login to the Beebox, the list of all your Beebox projects shows up
  • Click New project in the top right and then New CMS project

  • A wizard opens. Fill in all fields:

The different fields are:

Wizard fieldDescription

Select your CMS. If you have a CMS connector which is not listed then choose "Other CMS". You will then need to do one additional step later. This is described in the CMS connector's user guide.


Choose the source language and the target languages configured in your CMS site. Make sure languages match exactly:

  • If your CMS uses regional variants such as "German (Germany)" (en-DE) or "English (United States)" (en-US) then select regional variants in the Beebox too.
  • If your CMS uses base codes such as "German" (de) or "English" (en) then do the same in the Beebox.

Note: Some Wordbee CMS connectors (e.g. WordPress) allow transforming web site languages to Beebox languages (e.g. "en" in CMS to "en-US" in Beebox). Refer to the respective CMS connector guide.

Translation workflow

Decide how content is translated:

  • Testing: Use to try how the CMS, the CMS connector and the Beebox work in unison. All content will be pseudo-translated by converting it to uppercase.
  • Machine translation: All content will be translated by a machine translation system like Google or Microsoft. You will be asked to choose one.
  • Human translation using Wordbee Translator: All content will be sent to your own translation management system (TMS) or that of your translation service provider.
  • Human translation using xliff hotfolders: All content will be sent to a TMS by means of xliff files which are exchanged via hotfolders. Some third party TMS support this.
  • Human translation using manual xliff exchange: Translation is done using xliff. You download xliff files and send to your translators.

If you are a Beebox expert you can fine tune or change workflows anytime later using the automation settings. For example to combine machine and human translation.

Process content

The Beebox processes content sent by the CMS in regular intervals. Specify this interval.

For a test workflow you may want to chose a small interval like 5 minutes to reduce wait times. During production we recommend to choose 30 minutes or more.

Automatic approval

Applicable to human workflows only. 

The rule of thumb is: Untick the option to get higher quality translations. 

When a CMS sends new content, the Beebox will attempt to pretranslate sentences from earlier completed translations. For example, "click here" may have been translated in the past already. Now, it may be that the perfect translation changes depending on the text coming just before and after the sentence (we call this the "context"). The option basically tells whether we want or do not want to send a pretranslated sentence again to a human translator if the context is different than in the past.

Project nameGive your project a name. The name can be changed anytime later.

  • Click Create project and continue. 
  • Your project is created. The dashboard page opens.

Depending on your workflow, the dashboard may ask you to do some more configuration.

  • If you see the green message below, the project is ready and fully configured. 

  • If you see the message below, then please continue reading: Add MT system

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