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Authorize Wordbee Translator previewing

For new customers, Wordbee Beebox is a 'Software as a Service' (SaaS) application. This section of the documentation is retained for existing customers who have the application installed on a local server.

If you use Wordbee Translator as your translation management solution, you can authorize translators to preview original and translated files from within the online translation editor.

Please see Settings - Translation Vendor on how to activate this feature. Wordbee Translator will then call into your Beebox to retrieve files.

Whenever a Wordbee Translator user previews a Beebox file, a Wordbee hosted server calls the public URL of your Beebox.

Firewall settings

If the access to your Beebox (port 8089) is restricted, you must open your firewall to allow inbound TCP connections to your Beebox from:


All these IP addresses are servers located in the Wordbee data-center in Luxembourg (tier 4 data-center). This does not apply if you have installed Wordbee Translator on-premise.

Questions and Answers

What is the public URL of my Beebox?

It is the URL (IP address or domain name) you use to access the Beebox user interface from the Internet.

Your system engineers decide if this address points directly to your Beebox server or an intermediary proxy server:

  • In the former case you may be interested in changing port number or activate HTTPS in your Beebox, see Change Port and SSL.
  • In the latter case, your proxy server may handle HTTPS and redirect HTTP calls to your Beebox.
    (NOTE: Currently Beebox does not permit preview requests channeled through a proxy server. Please contact Wordbee.)

Can I have Wordbee use HTTPS when calling my Beebox?

Upon installation, your Beebox URL uses plain HTTP on port 8089.

Switching to HTTPS requires installation of an SSL certificate to your server: Change Port and SSL

As explained in the question before, an alternative is the use of proxy servers.

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