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Folder and File instructions

These are specific JSON formatted files that you can place in a project "in" directory and which enable you to customize workflows:

  • Specify that all files placed in a folder are translated into a specific target language (or multiple languages)
  • Specify that a specific file is to be translated into a specific target language (or multiple languages)
  • Include meta information with individual files: A url, a comment, work instructions...
  • Include a deadline with individual files.
  • Alignment source file content with a translated file.
  • Switch on/off human and machine translations.


You can specify instructions for entire folder (contained files and sub folders) as well as for individual files:


When to use and who uses it?

  • CMS connectors: These systematically create an "instructions file" with each source file/content: Target language, deadline, work reference, comments... Read here.
  • Cloud connectors: These expose shared hotfolders to a customer or external system. It is then agreed that each hotfolder triggers translation into one specific target language.
  • FTP connectors: Same as cloud connectors.


What if I do not use instructions?

  • Nothing special 😉 It simply means that each source file will be translated into all project languages and that all other parameters use project defaults.





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