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Can I use my own CAT tools?


I have an assignment in Wordbee Translator and would like to do the translation work using an external CAT tool. Can I export my job to work offline?


Working with .xliff files

In Wordbee Translator, it is possible to export a job/document to .xliff to translate it using a third-party CAT tool. This feature is available from the translation editor. When your offline work is finished, you need to upload the translations back in Wordbee to import the changes and complete your assignment. You can also export jobs offline in Word or Excel templates to continue working without an internet connection.

Managing offline work

If you require a team member to work with a different CAT tool, you can also create an offline translation task. When the translator accepts the assignment, she/he downloads the original file to translate it with any preferred CAT tool.

Layouting tasks work in the same way: an Adobe InDesign document can be translated online using Wordbee but, in case the translation needs adaptation or localization of layout, you need to open the file in the InDesign application. Create an offline layout task, route the task to the layout person, who downloads the file, adjusts layout on the PC and then uploads the final version.

The great thing: online translation and offline work can be combined freely.

Note that the exporting features might be limited by your user profile and access rights.

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