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Client Pricing

The Prices Tab displays information about currently available pricelists for the client. On this tab, you will see the name of the client and any current pricelist in the system that may be assigned to the client. 

To access this tab, click on Clients in the toolbar and then Select for the desired client. 

The Default pricelist applies by default for clients in the system. Another one can be set by clicking on Set default. The default one will be automatically populated when choosing the client for a project. 

Additionally, you can click on the following: 

  • Details - View the pricelist. This will take you to a new screen for viewing the details of a specific one. 
  • Manage/Assign - Manage pricelists in the system (edit, create, assign, etc.). This will direct you to My Company > Prices Tab. For more information, see Client Pricelists.


Items may also be reordered in the list by clicking on a column name on this screen.

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