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Create termbases

In Wordbee you can create a terminology database in two ways:

  1. completely from scratch by creating new concept entries, add terms and their target-language equivalents

  2. by importing an existing list of terms from another database.

After you have created the termbase, you can attach it to any of your Wordbee projects and configure the access rights for different users.

This article shows you how to create an empty termbase in Wordbee Translator.

How to create a new termbase

To create a new empty Terminology database:

  1. Go to Resources, select Terminology databases, then Add new.

  2. In the Create new database wizard select Create a new empty database and then Next.

  3. Select Type ->Terminology database.

  4. Select Source language.

  5. Select Target language (s).

  6. Name your resource and click Finish.

  7. The Resource details will open displaying main information about the termbase you just created. Here you can manage your termbase, add additional target languages or view/edit the termbase content either in Terminology Manager or Translation Editor.

Your new termbase will appear in the list of Resources > Terminology.

Learn more

After you have created the termbase, you need to create new concepts, add the designated terms and their properties. See Add concepts and terms.

To learn how to import terminology from other file formats into your Wordbee terminology database, see Import Termbases.

You can add as many target languages to your termbase as you like.

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