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Homepage and space overview

Here you can search for translations, follow recent orders, have an overview of the current activity, and navigate your calendar, where important events can be highlighted.

If you login for the first time...

Jump directly to the New Order section to learn how to send your first orders.

Recent orders

This is a compact view of your order dashboard, which also allows you to place new requests.

Find a translation (optional)

This widget is your gateway to the linguistic resources that are at your disposal. Learn more about this feature in the Global Search section.


The activity widget will give you a general overview of the orders that you have placed, based on their current status.

Calendar view

In this widget, you will have a preview of your activity on the platform. You can browse your own personal calendar or the company one, where all orders and appointments are registered.

By clicking on Details you will get to the planning tool section, allowing you to navigate and filter these events in different ways.

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