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How much of an integrated workflow does Wordbee provide?


How much of an integrated workflow does your tool provide?


Wordbee Translator supports the most common workflows out of the box. These workflows can include post-editing or source preparation steps.

We also propose completely automatic or "zero management" workflows for simpler Translation-Revision or Translation-Revision-Proofreading scenarios with optional team assignments (you assign work not to a specific supplier but to a workgroup, the first supplier in the group accepting the job gets it). Wordbee Translator also supports advanced workflows with different translation versions such as Back-translation, Back-translation with two parallel translations, Reconciliation, etc.

In Wordbee Translator, the keyword is customization. The system comes with pre-set workflows covering different use cases and example of automation levels, but you can also create and customize your own workflows and saves them as templates. You can pre-configure the workflow parameters, for example:

  • Steps and tasks

  • Assignment mode (manual, automated, crowed sourced)

  • Quality assurance

  • Deadline calculation

  • Cost calculation

  • Workflow start and completion automation

  • Delivery

  • Editor layout for linguists

If this is not sufficient, you can implement and drive any workflow via the API.

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