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Machine Translation Systems

The Machine Translation Systems settings may be used to configure which translation systems you want to use within Wordbee Translator. You may add as many Machine Translation Systems per provider as you would like. This allows for different language configurations to be used if needed. Additionally, each machine translation system will have a priority level that Wordbee Translator uses to determine what system will be used for a translation. 

In Wordbee Translator, you have the option to use an existing translation memory and resource group to pre-translate text and then machine translation. Basically, the defined resources (i.e) translation memories will be used to initially pre-translte text. Then the machine translation system will be used to further pre-translate text, which may then be translated by a human or simply a machine translation (MT).

To enable, disable, or add a Machine Translation System in Wordbee Translator, you must first access these settings within the system. To do so, click on Settings at the top right of the screen. 

Scroll down to the Machine Translation Section and then click on Configure to the right of the Machine Translation System option.

The following sections have been provided to help you better understand Machine Translation Systems: 


Learn how to use your enabled MT systems in your project or how to use MT for full documents (only for Codyt projects)

What is a Machine Translation System?

A machine translation is one that has been performed by a computer with no human intervention. The Machine Translation System is the chosen system for performing the translation. In Wordbee, you may use one or more systems to accomplish an MT: 

  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • DeepL
  • Reverso
  • Globalese
  • Lingua Custodia
  • Tauyou
  • Plata Vicomtech

Each has their own associated costs and can only be used if you have valid credentials for the provider. For more information please see the supported providers and credential requirements section of this page.

The following pages have been provided to help you become familiar with accessing and modifying these settings: 

Available Statuses

A machine translation system may be configured as follows:

Limited (default): every available machine translation system is configured this way, which allows to MT segments in the CAT editor

Having the Google MT enabled with limited access allows you to use MT combined with the Global Search

Enabled: Full Access (needs KEY) with the appropriate credentials, You will be able to use the CAT feature and additionally MT full documents. 

Disabled: if the particular provider or system configuration is not currently needed.

In order to gain full access, you will need a valid credential set from the chosen provider. Otherwise, you will only have Limited Access, which is the default configuration selection per machine translation system in Wordbee Translator. This information will need to be acquired by registering with the desired provider. 


Don't worry about authorship and confidentiality issues, we are not sending your data back to the MT owner.

Moreover, the segments you translate/improve by means of any MT connector will ONLY be saved in your local memories.

Supported Providers and Credential Requirements

Machine Translation Systems may be added for the following: 

ProviderRequired Credentials/KeysWhere to Obtain It
GoogleValid API Key

Obtaining a key and important instructions:

  1.  Go to Google at and register.
  2.  Upon successful setup, click the "Create new Server key" button. Do NOT click "Create new Browser key".
  3.  Under 'API Access', add the Wordbee Translator IP addresses to the list of authorised IP addresses:
    1. If your platform is hosted in Amsterdam / Azure :
    2. If your platform is hosted in Luxembourg / On-Prem :,,,
  4.  Under 'Quotas': Set quota to at least 10,000 characters per user/second. Otherwise, document pre-translation will not work.
  5.  Paste your key into the box in this form.

PRICING: Google charges per translated character. If your text contains markup (inline tags), these will account for 10 to 20 characters per markup. Contrary to Microsoft, Google does not offer free plans.

PAYMENT: You are directly charged by Google.

If you already have an API Key for Google, simply enter this information when adding or enabling a Google Machine Translation System.

MicrosoftValid Client ID and Client Secret

Not Registered? Follow the instructions at:
This way you'll get credentials to be used when adding or enabling a Microsoft Machine Translation System.

PAYMENT: You are directly charged by Microsoft.

If you already have a Client ID and Client Secret for Microsoft Translator, simply paste this information into the section to enable a Microsoft plan (see here).

DeepLValid API KEYTo integrate DeepL's MT technology directly into your Wordbee platform, you'll need to subscribe to a DeepL API Pro or DeepL API For Business.
Not registered? Follow this link to get a DeepL API Plan:
Upon successful setup, go to, copy your authentication key and paste it into the Wordbee MT settings.

PRICING: DeepL API Pro includes €20.00 per 1,000,000 characters. Note that it is not possible to use the DeepL API Free Plan to integrate with Wordbee.

PAYMENT: You are directly charged by DeepL.

If you already have an API Key for DeepL, simply enter this information when adding or enabling a machine translation system.

ReversoValid Corporate Account Key

Please contact Softissimo at to obtain a corporate account key.

If you already have one, simply enter this information when adding  or enabling a machine translation system.

GlobaleseValid API KEY

Globalese provides a connector to Wordbee Translator. This means you don’t have to worry about exporting and importing your files from and to your CAT tool server.

Just configure the connection in Globalese, create a Globalese project and connect to your project on your server. Pull the files from the CAT tool server project, translate them into Globalese, and push them back to the server.

Connectors can be managed under Administration → Settings.

Lingua CostodiaValid User Name and Password

You will need to register to obtain a User Name and Password. Please see

If you already have one, simply enter this information into the Lingua Costodia Account section when adding or enabling a machine translation system.

TauyouValid User Name and PasswordYou will need to obtain a User Name and Password from the provider. Please contact Tauyou for the creation of your credentials:

PRICING: You will be invoiced directly by Tauyou for any machine translations and not Wordbee.

If you already have one, simply enter this information into the Tauyou Account section when adding or enabling a machine translation system.

Plata VicomtechValid User Name and PasswordYou will need to have a valid key from the service provider to configure the system. Additional information about the Model and the languages will be required during the setup.

Custom MT engines (only available under request)

In case you want to use and train your own MT engine and the development of a new connector is required, you will need to setup your system adding new MT profile as defined in the section above. 

Then a set of details to access the engine will be asked, like IP Url, authentication user and key, etc

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