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MT System Providers and Their Credential Requirements

To enable the full feature set of one of the MT engines in the list, you first need to acquire valid credentials from the MT provider. The table below shows you how to get an API Key.


Required Credentials/ Keys

How to get the API KEY


Valid API Key

Not registered? Follow this link to get access to DeepL API: (several subscription options available).
Upon successful setup, go to to copy your authentication key and paste it into Wordbee MT settings.

Note: No other type of API key is supported in Wordbee.


Valid API Key

Globalese provides a connector to Wordbee Translator. This means you don’t have to worry about exporting and importing your files from and to your CAT tool server.

Just configure the connection in Globalese, create a project, and connect to your project on your server. Pull the files from the CAT tool server project, translate them in Globalese, and push them back to the server.

Connectors can be managed under Administration → Settings.


Valid API Key

Obtaining a key and important instructions:

  1.  Go to Google at and register.

  2.  Upon successful setup, click the "Create new Server key" button. Do NOT click "Create new Browser key".

  3.  Under 'API Access', add the Wordbee Translator IP addresses to the list of authorized IP addresses:

    1. If your platform is hosted in Amsterdam / Azure:

    2. If your platform is hosted in Luxembourg / On-Prem :,,,

  4.  Under 'Quotas': Set quota to at least 10.000 characters per user/second. Otherwise, document pre-translation will not work.

  5.  Paste your key into the box in this form.

PRICING: Google charges per translated character. If your text contains markup (inline tags), these will account for 10 to 20 characters per markup. Contrary to Microsoft, Google does not offer free plans.

Google Auto ML


Configuration of this connector requires a couple of steps in your Google Cloud account: First, you would prepare and train your machine translation models: . Second, you need to create a service account for the model and export it to a JSON file and paste below.  See .


Intento URL
Intento Key

Sign-up at to ask for a production API Key. Check-out this How-to article on our Knowledge Base: Intento


Valid API Key

Contact KantanMT to get valid credentials.

Lingua Custodia

Valid Username

You will need to register to obtain a Username and Password.


Valid Client ID
Client Secret

Use this link to sign up and get your credentials for the Microsoft Translator.

Plata Vicomtech

Valid Username

You will need to have a valid key from the service provider to configure the system. Additional information about the Model and the languages will be required during the setup.


Valid Corporate Account Key

Please contact Softissimo at to obtain a corporate account key.


Valid Username

You will need to obtain a Username and Password from the provider. Please contact Tauyou for the creation of your credentials:



Go to TextShuttle at and register.

Tilde MT

Client ID

Please contact Tilde to obtain a client ID.

PRICING: You will be invoiced directly by Tilde for any machine translations and not by Wordbee.

Custom MT Engines (available on request only)

If you want to use an MT engine that is not on this list and develop your own connector, please contact Wordbee and provide additional details about your integration.

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