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Organise your working space

Depending on your task, you may want to change the way the columns in the editor are displayed. 

The Column Manager 

You can access the column manager in different ways:

From the main menu (by clicking first in the View tab)

Also from the last column of the editor. The icon 

 gives you access to advanced options for column management.

You can manually decide which other columns to add/display by selecting the options in the roll-out menu. Or you can configure the view all-at-once from the column manager


You can drag and drop your columns to set them in order


Possibility to change maximum number of displayed columns

You also have the possibility to set the maximum number of columns in the column manager to display more columns at once in the interface. 
This setting can be adjusted in the column manager as show on the below screen.

The maximum of columns added is set to 5. 

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