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Renaming Translation Domains

While several Translation Domains are available, a little customisation might be needed to make using them easier when making selections within a project and assigning resources. Wordbee Translator provides the option to rename an existing domain, add new domains, or to remove domains.

To rename a translation domain, first go to Settings > Translation Settings > Translation Domains, click on Configure, and then double click on the name of a domain within this screen. 

Please note that each Domain and Subdomain within this screen are referred to as "Nodes".


You will then be able to remove the current name and type in a new one, as shown below: 

For this example, Arts has been renamed to Craftmenship

If you refresh the screen or make another selection, it will be moved to fit the alphabetical ordering used by the displayed Translation Domains. Now Craftmenship resides below the Computer Science Website domain. 

Additionally, you may also right click and choose Rename from the provided menu for a specific node in the Translation Domain view.

The new name will appear as a Translation Domain selection option for new or existing projects. For this example, you will see Craftmenship as an available domain selection. 

Please note that these changes will also be reflected when viewing domains for Clients, Suppliers, and Resources.

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