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Segment panel (advanced)

These are the features available when inside a segment of your target language. 

Here the list of actions you can trigger, individually at segment level:


Some of the features available below can be tiggered in batch mode or by means of shortcuts.

Copy markup to translation

Only copies formatting or markup tags available in the source to your target cell

Copy source text to translation

Copies all contents from the source cell into the target working space.

Text to speech and Speech-to-text / Speech recognition features

Depending on your browser capabilities, this features may be available out-of-the box or by installing additional plugins.

  • In Chrome, the features natively.
  • Firefox and mobile support it in Gecko 44+, without prefixes, and it can be turned on by flipping the media.webspeech.recognition.enable flag to true in about:config. 

The websites and allow you to check if your browser is currently compatible with text to speech and Speech recognition features

Click to talk

Once you activate this feature, a popup will ask you to confirm access to the microphone to enable sound recording. Make sure you spell words properly in order for the machine to understand.

Listen to source/target text

In each of the cases above you will hear the text in the language of your choice. 

Edit segment

Enter the advanced view of the segment that grants you access to all details and properties for all languages available

View text size constraints

Specific vision of segment length limits, which may have been enforced for the whole document or individually. 

Remove QA errors

This option allows you to clear up all issues spotted for a segment to start a fresh new QA analysis.

Propagate translation

If automatic propagation is disabled, you may still want to manually transfer the translation of a particular source segment to other possible repetitions within the file.

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