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Suppliers Screen

A supplier is a vendor providing you a service. This could be a company (LSP, agency) or a person working as freelancer in any of the projects .

With Wordbee Translator, you are able to create a full pool of vendors and navigate the general services they offer from a single screen. In order to achieve that, you will need to enter all relevant information in their profiles: addresses, emails, contact numbers, services, fees, TAX %, payment terms. Like any other company in the system. suppliers may also have an associated price list to their profiles.

To learn about adding a supplier and configuring them in the system, please see the following pages: 

How to access the pool of vendors in the System

Each supplier excels in a certain language and/or domain(s) of expertise. When a supplier is added to the system, you are able to manage and track their rates, negotiated discounts, domains, documents, and other information easily. To access the supplier management screen, click on Suppliers in the toolbar and the screen will appear as shown below (on mouse over some actions will also be proposed): 

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