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Count Words

1. Launch a Word count 

Wordbee Translator will launch a word count and a pre-translation for all the documents in the project marked for online translation

To perform a word count for your documents, click on the Word Count Tab and then click on Count words.

On this page, you configure how words are to be counted and statistics will be displayed. You may configure the fuzzy match intervals for applying discounts, elect to pre-translate from memories, enable/disable machine translation, and configure additional settings. Once finished, click on OK.

(Or) You may choose a word count profile by clicking on the drop-down menu. The word count profile is part of the initial configuration steps. If one is available, select it and then set all other parameters as needed. Click on OK when finished.

If you have not created one and want to do so, please read how to Create a Word Count Profile.

A word count for each uploaded document for the project will appear as shown below. You may clear the counts if needed and make additional changes as needed.

You can export the results in an Excel file by clicking on Export Excel.

2. Related 

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