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Data Privacy

Learn how to manage your data in the system and the way it is made accessible to each user type.


Let your collaborators know how they can access ammend and disclose their personal information in Wordbee Translator.

Depending on their user profile, users will be able to update some of their profile details or they will need to contact their managers to make the arrangements. This section will be useful for:

  • Freelancers *profile external worker
  • Translation Agencies *profile external manager, external worker and external worker limited.

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Client companies may have users from different departments submitting request via the Client Portal. Although there will always be a main contact person for the company, users will also have the possibility to update their personal records.

This section will be useful for:

  • Client users submittign orders *profile external worker
  • Client users participating in the completion of their requests *profile external client and worker

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By default, the inhouse users of your platform have the possibility to manage their own profiles and the ones of their colleagues on the same range. This section will be useful for:

  • Inhouse translators *profiles internal worker and internal worker limited)
  • Inhouse managers *profiles manager and team lead
  • Inhouse clients *profile internal client

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Learn how to save a copy of the following information:

  • Internal users
  • External vendors
  • External clients

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