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How can I communicate with suppliers?


How can I communicate with suppliers?


There are several ways and contexts in which you can communicate and send messages to your suppliers:

Send messages within projects and jobs

When working within a project, you can send messages to the supplier(s) assigned to the job. Each job in the system has a messaging module that you can access clicking the message icon. This module allows you to send messages to any users involved in the project.

When assigning one or several suppliers, the option Send email notifications is ticked by default. With this option activated, the assigned users will be notified with all the job-related information as well as how to access the job.

When editing or assigning a job, you can use this section to send an optional message.

Send a message to suppliers within a group

Use the envelope icon to send a message to all or selected users within the supplier group or language pair.

Once you click the icon, the popup window lets you choose which supplier you want to send a message to. Users will receive a notification on the supplier company's contact email.

Communicate general information to all suppliers

You can customize the first panel on the home page of every user to display any information you need. You can also configure different panels according to the profile of each user. You can add text, messages, and even customize it with HTML. It is particularly efficient to make sure that everyone is aware of company policies or tool-related information.

Learn more about it here.

You can also modify the text that appears on the login screen for all users.

In the suppliers page, you can select one or more companies* and write an email message to them.

Remember you can only contact companies with active logins.

Communicate within the Translation Editor

The Timeline widget allows project managers to communicate with linguists when working in the Editor.

Translators and reviewers can use the Timeline to submit comments on a specific segment or on the entire document. When adding a comment, you can select the Notify via email option to send an email notification to the interested user. This is how project managers can be notified of any message in the Editor.

To have an overview of a job's comments, use the filtering options available in the Comments section of the Search Bar.

Notification settings

If you wish to adjust the notification settings, you can go in My account > Notifications to enable/disable email notifications for certain events.

If you have doubts on which notifications were sent out by the system, administrator users can access Settings > Activity > Email notifications to shows the most recent email notifications sent from your platform.

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