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The following file extensions are supported when setting up file format configurations for resources: .resx.


To learn more about working with file format configurations, please see the following pages: 


Default Resource Configuration

Every file format has a default configuration to ensure that a file can be translated; however, it does not handle every complex property that could be thrown your way when translating a source file. The default configuration for resources does the following: 

  • Hides Whitespaces at Beginning and End from the Translator.
  • Compresses Sequences of Whitespaces into a Single Whitespace.
  • Converts All Entity References to Characters.
  • Uses SRX Rules for Text Segmentation.


Custom Resource Configurations

If you are performing a resource translation, a custom file format configuration might be necessary to achieve the right results in your target file. Outside of the default configuration selections, Wordbee Translator offers many additional choices:

  • Show Whitespaces at Beginning and End to the Translator.
  • Replace '& nbsp;' by blanks (not recommended).
  • Display Entity References as Original HTML Code or Convert Numeric Entities Only.
  • Exclude Specific Content via Regular Expressions.
  • Always Split Text at Line Breaks. File Options

When setting up a file format configuration for resources, there are many options to choose from to ensure extraction is successful. The options are described in general below based on individual sections. 

  • Content - This section contains options for content within the source file and may be used to show or hide beginning/ending whitespaces, compress sequences of whitespaces, and configure how entity references are handled. 

  • Exclude Content - This option may be used to enter regular expressions for exlcuding content from translation within the source file. 

  • Text Segmentation - Enable/Disable SRX rules for text segmentation and choose to spilt or not split text at line breaks.