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Work and Delivery

The Work and Delivery tab gathers all steps needed to perform the linguistic work and generate the translated document. The screen will appear as shown below: 

1. Work in the document(s) 

Open the CAT Editor to perform the translation/revision work required for the file you prepared in the previous step:

Learn more about the CAT editor in the dedicated section of the documentation

Soon - Export/Import the document templates for offline work 

If you want to enable vendors to work with their own tools but save the results of their work in all level of detail, you can use the export/import feature on this screen to create bilingual files for them.

The documents you select will be exported in the selected file format in a compatible way with all metadata required to perform the task, so the contents can be imported back and saved in the project memory.

Make sure you select the expected options in the 'Export' screen while you perform this action.


Use the 'Import' button whenever you are ready to import the files back to upload the work into the system. This screen includes a 'Preview' option to get you an overview of the changes that will be applied to the translated document available online.


2. Finalize and deliver a project

To finalize and deliver the project to the client, follow these steps:

  • Click on Finalise for the appropriate document.
  • A popup will present you a menu to generate the deliverable for the working target language. Click on Create to generate the final file and OK.

Your document is now ready to be sent to your client.

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