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Creating a Workflow Template

When creating a workflow template, you will need to provide a profile name, select a project type, and define what work steps (job types) must be completed. You also have the option to assign the workflow to a specific client; however, please remember that it wll not be selectable for other clients projects. After a template has been created, it may either be: 

To view and create workflow templates, you must first click on Settings located on the far right of the toolbar at the top of the screen.

Scroll down to the Project and Work Processes section of this screen. Then click on Configure to the right of the Workflow Templates option.

Then click on Add New in the upper right corner of the screen. 


You may create as many workflow templates as needed and either assign them to specific clients or use them as a default template for specific types of projects.

Project templates are Codyt/Standard specific, make sure you chose the right project type when configuring them!

Create template profiles

Workflow templates are divided in different sections:

The list of templates is now an available selection for client projects or when configuring project workflow in the New Order Form.

If the template is assigned to a specific client, then the clients name will appear to the right of the profile name. Otherwise, it will display (Any client).

In order to use the configured workflow for a client, you will need to assign it to an existing or new project for a client. To do so, please see Assigning Workflows to Client Projects.

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