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How to access the Editor in Standard projects without jobs

As an administrator of your platform working independently, you need to enter the project library to start translating your document. You can translate directly without creating any workflow.

Once you have uploaded and prepared your files for translation, you can open your documents in several ways:

Option 1

By right-clicking the document you marked for translation and clicking View segments. You need to go to your desired project and navigate to the Documents tab, as described when uploading documents in your first project.

Option 2

Reach the document library of your project directly from the home page and click the file name by using the Document widget.

Note that in this second option, only the files marked for online translation can be reached.

The Translation Editor opens, and on the top of the screen, you can switch between the project files by clicking the arrow next to the file name.

It is now time to edit your segments and use all other features in the Multicolumn Editor to speed-up your work!

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