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Suppliers Main Page

Click on Suppliers from the main menu to go to the Suppliers page.

In this page, you will see these different columns:

  • Supplier Icon
    In-house Staff

  • NameClick on the link to get a pop-up window with the supplier's summaryClick on go to details on the pop-up window to display the Suppliers main page. Click on view in the login to open the People & Logins page (see description on Suppliers logins). Click on the email address to write a message to your supplier. Click on View Price list to open the supplier's price list.

  • Country - Informative.

  • City - Informative. 

  • Contact - Supplier's name, phone, and email address. Click on the email address to send a message to your supplier. 

  • LoginClick to display the People & Logins page from which you can change the supplier's login details. 
    Can log in 
    Cannot log in

  • Comments - Informative.

  • Price List - Informative. Click to display the Prices page with the details of the supplier's price list ready to be edited (see: Suppliers price list).

  • Company - Click to open the Company's page with all of the supplier's information and several informational tabs (see: Adding suppliers).

The top part of the page displays the following buttons:

  • InvoicesShows the Client invoices and Supplier invoices pages (see: Clients invoices and Suppliers invoices).

  • New SupplierClick to add a new supplier (see: Adding suppliers).

  • Search IconClick once to open the search window in the top of the page. You do not have to fill in all the fields to do a search.

Additional features: Click on a column header to sort that column by ascending or descending order. Sorts only one header at a time.

Note: In the Find a service tab, you will see a list of suppliers who could accomplish the task that you need (translation, revision, proofreading…).

To know more about it, see: The Find a service panel.

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