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Why do I get error messages when using Live Preview in Beebox?


Why do I get error messages when using Live Preview in Beebox?


This issue may arise due to the following reasons:

  • The URL you initially entered the CMS connector of your Beebox project has changed or become invalid.

  • The Preview function is not enabled in the Translation Vendor section of your Beebox project.

  • The page path in the source language does not exist.

  • The language locales used in the source file are different from the language locales used in the Project settings.

  • The source file was removed from the IN folder linked to your Beebox project.

To learn how to troubleshoot some issues, please check Live Preview - Troubleshooting.

Live Preview is a useful functionality in Beebox that enables translators and reviewers to view their work in context.

Users can preview translations in context only if the translations appear in the memory of that particular project. You will be able to edit the translations only when the corresponding jobs in Wordbee Translator are still open.

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