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Assign word count profiles to projects

Once you have created  a new word count profile, you will need to assign it to projects to ensure an appropriate count for the document(s). In Wordbee it is possible to create two types of projects: Standard and CoDyt

Standard projects have limited automation, whereas CoDyt projects completely automate the project workflow and the financial administration for clients and suppliers. 

You can assign a word count profile either during the project creation step or change the word count profile in a running project.

If you need to change the word count profile while the project is running, be aware that this might impact the fuzzy match and pre-translation analysis, and consequently your financial calculations. Therefore, it is recommended that you change the word count profile only after all the current jobs have been completed. The new word count profile will be applied only to new documents within a running project.

In the next subsections, you will learn how to assign a word count profile to each project type.

Once jobs have been created and assigned, you can create a quote or an invoice based on the word count statistics report. Learn more about the financial aspects in Managing quotes and invoices.

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