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Clients Main Page

Click on Clients on the menu bar to reach the Clients main page.

On this page, you have the following columns:

  • Client Icon
    In-house staff and 

  • NameClick on the link to get a pop-up window with the client's summary. Click on go to details in the pop-up window to display the Clients page. Click on view in the login to open the People & Logins page (see description in Clients logins). Click on the email address to write a message for your client.

  • Country - Informative.

  • City - Informative.

  • ContactClient's contact name, phone and email address. Click on the email address to send an email to your client.

  • Login the People & Logins page where you can change the client's login information (see: Adding clients for a description). Remember that it depends on whether the client is internal or external.
     Can log in  
     Cannot log in

  • Comments - Informative.

  • SelectClick to open the My company page with all of the client details and several informational tabs (see: Adding clients).

The top part of the page contains the following buttons:

  • InvoicesShows you the Client invoices and Supplier invoices page (see: Client Invoices and Suppliers invoices).

  • New ClientClick to add a new client (see: Adding client).

  • Search IconClick once to open the search window in the top part of the page. You do not have to fill in all the fields to do a research.

Additional features:

Click on the column headers to sort that column by ascending or descending order.

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