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How to accept assignments and access the Editor

As a language specialist, you will be required to work on different assignments within projects. In Wordbee Translator these assignments are called Jobs. Once your project manager has assigned a specific job to you, you will receive an automatic email notification from Wordbee Translator containing the job details and the access link.

You will need to:

  1. Analyse the job details and word count as described in Accept/Decline jobs in Wordbee Translator 

  2. Officially accept the job so that you can start working on it.

Before accepting the job, you might also need to:

  1. Accept your client's terms and conditions in order to confirm your availability

  2. Preview the job's content in the CAT Editor.

How to access the CAT Editor

There are different ways to open your working file in the Editor:

Option 1

Use the job link that has been sent to you in the email notification to access the Job Details page. Then, depending on the job type you can directly: 

  • Click Conduct Work (for Standard jobs).

  • Click Translate (for Codyt jobs).

Option 2

Navigate using the Jobs widget on the homepage to select either the Codyt or Standard jobs assigned to you.

Option 3

Navigate using the main bar to the jobs page and click All my jobs.

Do the same as above for the jobs that are already assigned to you. Depending on your user profile, you may be able to see All company jobs and enter the Translation Editor for other jobs available to your whole team. You will also find job openings that are not yet accepted.

Accept the Terms & Conditions

Before accepting the assignment, you will be asked to accept the client’s Terms & Conditions. You can click Terms & Condition to view the purchase order detailing all the job-related information and cost. You can access the Terms & Conditions from the job page or the Translation Editor. To accept the Terms & Conditions, tick the box and click Continue.

Confirm your availability to the project manager and your team

Once you open your job in the Editor, you will notice it is not possible to edit the segments because they are locked. You first need to confirmed your availability.

Go to the Job bar you see at the top of your screen, and change the status of your job to In progress so it is clear that you are working on the document.

As soon as you accept the job, the locks will disappear and you will be able to edit the segments and use all other features in the Multicolumn Editor.

If you are part of a group assignment, other users may get exclusive access to the file if they confirm faster than you do!

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