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Create new word count profiles

In Wordbee you can create your own custom word count profile that you can assign to projects. To create a new word count profile:

  1. Go to Settings > Translation settings > Word counting > Customisation > and click on Add new.

  2. Name your new configuration.

  3. Add comments, if necessary.

  4. Select your preferred counting algorithm:

    1. Default - Counts comparable to other translation tools

    2. Microsoft Word compatible

5. Proceed by adjusting the word count settings as your project requires:

  • Fuzzy match intervals

  • Pre-translation

  • Repetitions within project

  • Search operators

  • Advanced count options

6. When you finish, click on Save. The new word count profile will appear in your list.

The word count options are described in detail in Default word count settings.

Once a Word Count Profile has been created, you can select it for new projects (Standard or CoDyt), configure it as part of the new order form, and assign it to existing projects. For more information about assigning a profile to a project, please see the Assigning Word Count Profiles page.

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